We have always commemorated Yehoshua since his fallen,  through  several Projects  organized either by his friends , his family, or the IDF. 
In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Shuki’s fall, we want to do some special projects to to honor him:
-Knesset Sefer Torah
-Furniture and books at the “Yinon Shemu” yeshiva in Kiryat Arba
-Equipment in the mikvah for women to lift the soul of the late Shuki

Shuki's Garden

Despite the shock after his death, we, Shuki’s friends, decided to perpetuate his memory in a way that would express his love for work and the land. When we heard about the renovation of the Bustan Bruria community garden in our neighborhood, we decided to get involved and take the garden renovation work to commemorate Shuki.

We contacted Tehila, in charge of the community gardens at the City Gardens Community Administration, and together we started to pick up the project.

On Monday, April 12, 2013, close to the anniversary, we gathered a family and dozens of his friends in Bustan Bruria and worked about six hours of intensive work on leveling, clearing stones, composting, creating paths and building a seating area in Shuki’s memory.

Every year, Shuki’s friends come to the garden in his memory and hold a meeting of friends and earthworks in the garden.


We are distributing wigs to different institutions, Cancer patients, newly married religious  ladies and drag actors. The wigs was contributed to the  Shuki Hefetz Memorial Funds, by Ido and Allison Naveh, and the Comfido family.

Learning Center " Asael" ( Asahel)

Yehoshua and friends established a Torah  learning  Center on the top of one of the Hevron hills named Asael (Asahel), there he and his friends studied Torah (religious study) and walked in the “walking in the Path of the Just”, before leaving  to do his civil duty in the IDF .


These young men continue learning  Torah and became  strong enough to established a Beit Midrah and Kollel.(learning center for  married men) in Kriyat Arba since most of them are married.
The Yeshiva and Beit Midrash is delecated in Torah, Halachah and Chasidut studies.

The Yeshiva is named after the brother of Yehoshua’s friend, Yinon Levonnon, who was killed by Terrorist whom were being chased by security forces. They crashed their car into Yinon’s car, while he was awaiting for the Traffic light to changed.

The yeshiva and Beit Midrash is recognized by the MInistry of Religion, and Rav Boaz Shlita is the Rosh Yeshiva.
Over the years since Shuki fallen, the Yeshiva, under Rav Boaz, has written and produced regularly a weekly Torah portion commentary, in the memory of Yehoshua.

The Yeshiva did not call attention to itself or contact  his family   for any benefit or profit. It was Shuki’s Mom who contacted the Yeshiva. After  she noticed that  for the passed year since Shuki fallen, the Yeshiva has been commerating his Memory by studying Gmera, passages,  Rav Boaz Zhur  weekly Torah  Portion, and keeping the value of the land of Israel , by combining Torah study and Military services, realizing Shuki’s dream. 



Achinoam Shaki (Benjamin) donated a substantial sum of money the Yeshiva, sponsoring  years of Torah Study in the Memory of Shuki.

To all of you, friends and Family, join us in reaching this goal. We need your help and support, to accomplish and complete this project, which will make us remember Shuki’s Smiles.