Friends Recounts

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Ron Rafel Recount

We are the friends of Shuki who are maintaining the Beit Yinon Beit Midrash.

We all needed to do something bigger, we moved to Givat Asael on Mount Hebron and there we became stronger in Torah study, worship of God and strengthening settlement in the Land of Israel, we reached Asahel about 10 companies and of course built markets dedicated to work and Torah, there were two families in the hill, and we kept We built and maintained the place.

At the moment there are already 50 families on the hill and the place has become a small settlement. And today we are all all the friends of Shuki who are and maintain the Beit Midrash want not to forget Shuki and remember his name with us in the Beit Midrash in holding the Land of Israel, and studying the Torah.

Thus connecting Shuki to us and doing what we know and remember how much he loved and invested.

Yahalom Foundation Recount